About us


Behind every Idea, there is a powerful Team

Creating a successful Product is far from easy. If it would be, we would not see 90% of startups fail. Becoming a part of the 10% that are successful is much more than just having a great idea. It involves a vision, believing in success, luck, passion, and lots and lots of hard work. This is what we are standing for:

Working for the success of our product -not for the sake of success but because we believe that we can bring this success to our customers, too.

Like Simon Sinek masterfully explains with his model called The Golden Circle, successful companies build products around existing challenges. This way, they don’t have create demand, demand is already there.

Our products are centered around pains and fears that our customers already have today and solve them with virtuosity.


Our Driver

Real productivity arises from an intuitive toolset that is defined by making you faster in your daily tasks.

  • Easy understandable
  • Solving real business problems
  • Seeing the current state and shaping the future together
  • Collaboration is our passion. Seeing unused potential makes us move!

Our Mission

Bringing in a new collaborative turbocharger to boost productivity to the next level.

  • And then keep it there.
  • Analyze the actual situation and see where our tools could tremendously improve your productivity stream.

Who we are

We are the Jedis under the Microsoft specialists. Most of us have 15 years or more of experience in the Microsoft ecosystem.

  • Deep knowledge of Microsoft products gives us the insights we need to improve them for you.
  • EasyLife contains all this knowledge and empowers your organization with it.
bannerOur History

History Begins in 2017

  1. 2017

    First Idea

    The Idea is the simplest part of all. It is a glimpse while brushing your teeth or a snap while looking down a high mountain you just climbed. It is this little “THIS IS IT” that arises from your gut feeling and explodes into your brain. But now, what? In our case, it was an idea coming out of lots of experience: Let’s build a tool that helps us to keep a clear order in our collaboration assets.

  2. 2018

    First prototype

    Of course, we started right away and created the first version of our Teams Creation bot. Originally, we wanted to work with bots showing rich cards on which you can choose your needs. After seeing that this approach was not working as we intended, we took the bot and turned it into a provisioning engine, leading us to the next step.

  3. 2019

    Productive MVP

    We quickly realized that the provisioning engine itself is not enough, so we took Microsoft standard tools and brought them together to a frontend, made by MS Forms, The Engine, and Power Automate to bring the asset into its final form. The pain was there, so our customers started using this in production already. We were still unhappy as it did not feel like a product. It felt like a quick-fix solution based on existing workloads. So, in December 2019, we decided to go all in, we put together a core team and they all started to work on the product.

  4. 2020

    Now let’s go to the moon

    We started from scratch, MVP Patrick Lamber, with his brilliant ideas, set the fundamentals of the architecture, while MVP Samuel Zuercher brought up lots of ideas and best practices he gathered from decades of experience and know-how with SharePoint collaboration. Emanuele Bartolesi and Thomas Torggler completed the core product Team that was on fire, building the best governance tool for the Microsoft 365 and Azure environments. Thanks to massive success, we were able to found EasyLife 365 AG within one year. This new company is where the magic will lead into a bright future.

  5. 2021

    Founding of EasyLife 365 AG

    In August 2021, we founded EasyLife 365 AG in Switzerland, a daughter company of Experts Inside AG. The aim of this company is to focus on this beautiful product and its functionality. This gave us another Boost and we hired the first employees to fully work on the product and further develop it to the moon.

    In the same year, we won the Microsoft Swiss Partner of the Year Award 2021 for EasyLife 365.

  6. 2022

    EasyLife 365 is a Microsoft 365 Certified app!

    In June 2022, EasyLife 365 became a Microsoft 365 Certified app. We are happy and proud to have achieved this certification for EasyLife 365! Ultimately it should be a no-brainer for you, our valued customers and partners, to choose EasyLife.


Why Choose Us?

We were in the lucky position to gather some of the best minds in the Microsoft universe – several of them are MVPs – to work on this product. Just the best is good enough for our customers.


Ease of use, self-explaining tool

EasyLife 365 is so simple you intuitively understand it


We are not selling features

You need a reliable, modern, and convenient product. You don’t need to be able to configure every twist and turn you can imagine. Less is more.


A Partner you can trust

Behind EasyLife 365 AG stands the experienced company Experts Inside AG with over 25 experts, including MVPs and speakers, who are known around the world.