If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

Everything in the world has its price. We at EasyLife 365 believe in fair value and win-win situations. That's why we do not price our tools with peanuts but don't try to squeeze every cent out of it. Giving you a fair price that also lets us live is our goal.

Learn about our pricing strategy

Pricing calculator

1 - Let us know type and number of licenses
An EasyLife 365 license is applied to a Microsoft 365 licensed account

2 - Select the products you want

Logo of EasyLife 365 CollaborationGovernance for Microsoft Collaboration Tools
Minimum 25 licenses
0,00 €
Logo of EasyLife 365 MailGovernance solution for Microsoft Mail and Exchange
Minimum 25 licenses
0,00 €
Logo of EasyMeet 365Your tool to seamlessly organize meetings
Free for 2024 and for companies with less than 50 users
0,00 €

3 - Lock in the best support
Best effort support always available (response time without Service Level Agreement (SLA))

Premium support
4 hours response time from Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00 CEST+1
+25% on total
0,00 €

Pricing explained

Transparency is our core value. There are no hidden fees, what you see is what you get.

Three types of licenses

Standard - full price

For users with Microsoft E-Type or M365 Business - Type Licenses. This is the full-price license, as this type of user tends to use the product most

Frontline workers receive a discounted price

For users holding a Microsoft F-Type License, customers with field workers are eligible for a discounted rate on the standard price, reflecting their typically lower usage of the product. Please reach out to us for a personalized quote.

Students - free!

If you have an Education tenant, good news! For students and school kids EasyLife 365 is free. Only faculty staff have Standard licenses.

Minimum # of licenses

Our governance products EasyLife 365 Collaboration and EasyLife 365 Mail can be purchased with a minimum of 25 licenses. The License is applied to the tenant, all internal users in the tenant needs to be licensed.

EasyMeet 365 does not require a minimum # of licenses.


Guest accounts are, and will always be, included in the price - no matter how many you need!

EasyMeet 365 is completely free for anyone until the end of 2024. After that it will stay free for companies with 50 or less employees.

How to license

Who does need the license?

Every user that has a Microsoft license assigned also needs an EasyLife 365 license

How do I check how many licenses I need?

Step 1: go to MS365 Admin center
Step 2: go to billing/licenses
Step 3: calculate all relevant licenses

Do you have any questions?