Tired of selling boring tools? Become a Partner today!

Do you work with customers in the Microsoft collaboration space? Then this site is for you! Together we can help your customers to fight the Chaos Moster in their collaboration world. You are very welcome to join this thrilling worldwide partner network. Benefits are one thing; solving your customer’s chaos problem is invaluable. There are many things we provide for our partners: Tired of selling boring tools? Become a Partner today!

  • Different Partner types that fit your level of engagement
  • Technical Training for your engineers to set up EasyLife 365 products
  • Sales Training that helps your sales to understand the story
  • Welcome package so you are ready to set the stage
  • Recuring kickbacks vary between 10% and 20%, depending on your partner type
  • Partner support for sales and engineers as needed
  • Direct feedback rounds with the product group to influence further development
  • Dedicated partner manager, so you have a single point of contact for all partner needs
  • Free use options of EasyLife 365 products in your tenant
  • Contact details on our Partners site
  • Regular events and happenings or reunions at certain conferences
  • Be the first one to hear about new modules and features