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Governance for Microsoft 365 Collaboration Tools

You need EasyLife 365 Collaboration if you are looking for:
  • Clean work environment

    Maintain a clutter-free workspace—clean up daily for optimal productivity

  • Structure & Processes

    Establish a solid foundation by implementing structured processes and life-cycles

  • Automation

    Utilize automation for standardized procedures and ensure continuous compliance

  • Productivity

    Save time by automating tasks and focus on what truly matters

  • Saving money

    Save your money - stop feeding the Chaos Monster daily

  • Compliance

    Establish policies. Enforce ownership. Automate surveillance.

  • Security

    Principles: separation of duties, need-to-know, and least privilege.

Key Features

Archive and Clean-up

Clean up for cost savings and enhanced productivity! Define the right clean-up action for each of your resources. Establish automated cleanup processes.


With templates, structures can be dynamically created within predefined guidelines. Automated processes significantly reduce time, empowering end-users through self-service.


EasyLife 365 Collaboration implements workflows and automation throughout every phase of a resource's lifecycle. It engages with owners when decisions or reviews are required, ensuring seamless interaction and efficient processes.

Guest Users

Guest account management can be chaotic. EasyLife 365 Collaboration establishes automated onboarding, ownership, compliance, metadata and permission processes.


From creation to clean up, EasyLife 365 Collaboration ensures that processes are adhered to, and resources align with compliance guidelines throughout their lifecycle.

Monitoring and Administration

Administrators set rules and boundaries to empower end-users. EasyLife 365 automates everyday tasks, while providing monitoring, reporting, and insights.

Enduser-focus and Ownership

EasyLife 365 Collaboration enables end users to take responsibility; they know best what they need for their daily work. Boundaries and compliance are ensured through policies and monitoring.


Sharing files has become super easy, but keeping track of permissions and ensuring appropriateness can be a mess. EasyLife 365 helps you improving your security and compliance standards.


With EasyLife 365 Collaboration, policies are applied to all assets — tailored to fit the assets, align with the corporate culture, and in accordance with compliance requirements.

Access Reviews & Permission

Empower business owners to manage content access & permissions, lightening the IT load. EasyLife 365 Collaboration ensures reviews, prompting action with no mercy if ignored.

Integrated in your toolchain

Seamlessly integrated into Teams for your Endusers. APIs and webhooks for smooth interaction with your other tools.


Embrace openness without constant permission requests. EasyLife 365 Collaboration allows you to establish multi-stage approvals, ensuring flexibility for resource creation scenarios.