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Simplifying Microsoft 365 mail management

You need EasyLife 365 Mail if you're seeking:
  • No mess

    Eliminate unused resources with our automated processes

  • Higher security

    Ensure continuous control over your resource permissions

  • Save time

    Focus on important things, let automation manage your resources

  • End-user focus

    Enduser self-service, seamlessly aligned with your guardrails

  • Faster process

    Seamlessly integrated into your workspace and delivered punctually

  • Compliance

    Establish rules. Enforce ownership. Automate surveillance.

  • Fun

    ... a lot more free time!

Key Features


EasyLife 365 Mail provides a comprehensive solution for creating Microsoft 365 shared mailboxes, equipment and room mailboxes, and distribution lists in an organized and standardized manner

Ownership tracking

EasyLife 365 Mail tracks the ownership of resources in the organization, which helps in maintaining accountability and transparency.

Access review

With regular reviews, a supervision process is initiated. Even the best rules require regular oversight. Automatic access reviews ensure that owners actively engage and scrutinize the application of compliance-defined rules.

Compliance automation

EasyLife 365 Mail triggers workflows and interacts with the resource owners in case there are compliance issues, which helps in ensuring that the organization is compliant with the relevant regulations.


EasyLife 365 Mail helps organizations remove clutter by cleaning up unused resources.

Integrated in your toolchain

EasyLife 365 Mail seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams and Outlook — no specific admin or monitoring suites required.